American Brad Van Liew Wins 3rd Straight Velux Ocean Race Leg

Photo by: Ainhoa Sanchez/

Brad Van Liew, American Skipper of the 60 foot ocean racing yacht Le Pingouin became the first American sailor to round Cape Horn three times singlehanded.  But even more impressive is that he has won three consecutive legs in the Velux 5 Oceans singlehanded race.  In this most recent leg he sailed over 6200 miles from Wellington, NZ to Punta Del Este, Uruguay in just under 24 days.

The Velux 5 Oceans race started with 5 boats, and is now down to just 4 boats, but while Van Liew is running away with the overall points lead, three other skippers are keeping it interesting, fighting for 2nd place in this leg.  Canadian Derek Hatfield, Polish skipper Zbigniew ‘Gutek’ Gutkowski and British sailor Chris Stanmore-Major currently separated by just 10 miles and expected in port this Thursday.

So what do you think Brad Van Liew is going to do after sailing alone for 24 days?  My money is on cold beer, hot shower, and a long nap.


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