Sorry to borrow steal from the Blackberry phone commercial, but it has to be said.   McLobster chatter is back at McDonalds (when did it arrive, and WHY??) and promising you 100% Atlantic lobster.  One can only assume that when they say 100% Atlantic lobster, what they mean is that the do put a LITTLE bit of 100% real Atlantic lobster in every McLobster.  It’s just that that the little bit is mixed in with the usual filler crap.
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Yes.... it´s a McLobster

In this day and age of health awareness and obesity issues, who the hell eats at McDonalds anymore?  Not me, but check out the hype going on all over the web right now about this McLobster.  There seems to be a raging debate with half for it, and half wondering if McDonald’s executives have lost their minds. Sure, it makes sense in Atlantic Canada and Maine, but the rest of America?

Of course, I believe this all just a hoax, an early April Fools day prank that gained traction.  We’ll see soon enough.



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Is McLobster making its way to more McDonald’s restaurants than just the lucky few in Eastern Canada and New England? Despite an Internet buzz spreading faster than you can say “pass the butter,” a blog near San Diego is claiming that it has gotten 


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Long rumored to be a regional menu item in Maine and other northern franchises, the McLobster is making a splash today with rumors that the Golden Arches will be introducing the sandwich into select cities. Lobster at McDonalds? I’m not going to lie, 


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Everyone wants to know whether McDonalds is adding the McLobster to its menu. The truth appears to be that in select maritime cities in Canada and New England the McLobster – a lobster roll sandwich – does, in fact, exist and is available seasonally. 


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By Deanne Goodman | Email the author | 2:52pm All day long the McLobster has been trending on Twitter. Rumors of this sandwich got us interested. Carlsbad Patch emailed McDonald’s media team asking, “is McDonald’s really testing the McLobster in some