Space Shuttle Discovery Era Ends Wednesday

The incredible journey of Space Shuttle Discovery is scheduled to come to an end Wednesday, March 9, 2011, after a 27 year space travel career. On the second last day of it’s career, Discovery crew were awakened by live music broadcast from mission control. This was a first ever occurrence in the space program.
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The band Big Head Todd and the Monsters (not exactly Billboard material, as this author has never heard of the band) played an acoustic version of their song “Blue Sky”, which was originally written in 2005 for the Discovery crew that got NASA back to space after the Space Shuttle Columbia tragedy. The song was the number one vote getter in NASA’s select the wake up music for the Discovery crew contest.

On Monday, Mission Control also beamed a pre-recorded message from William Shatner, he of the 1960’s Star Trek fame. The topic of Shatner’s message to the Discovery crew wasn’t released, though this editor suspects he asked the crew if he’s run into any super hot female space aliens from any other planets.

Space Shuttle Dicovery is slated for decommissioning over the next several months, at which time it will be sent to the Smithonian to be put on display.

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