Explosion at Fukushima Nuclear Reactor Plant, Radiation Leak Reported [VIDEO]

The video footage of the Fukashima Japan nuclear plant is pretty impressive, and does a great job of showing the severity of the blast that has apparently caused radiation to be leaked from the plant.  While there is no doubt about the massive explosion, there is still much doubt about the size of the radiation leak, and whether it is STILL leaking.
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Like any government body, the Japanese government is downplaying the severity of the leak, and insisting that radiation levels are “low” as the nuclear reactor’s core was not damaged.  Call me crazy, but I consider any radiation level at all to be ‘high’.   The Japanese government even went as far as saying the Fukushima nuclear plant explosion was rated less serious than the Three Mile Island incident or the Chernobyl disaster.  That doesn’t really instill much confidence in this author.

According to Japanese officials, only 3 people have been treated for radiation exposure illness.  The country’s nuclear safety agency is rating it a 4 on the 1 – 7 scale International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale.  Doesn’t that give you a warm fuzzy feeling of safety.    Four sounds pretty severe on scale of 7, don’t you think?


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