Rebecca Black-Friday – Is This Video Real Or Just a Spoof?

The Rebecca Black “Friday” video seems to be a big hit on Youtube this weekend, though we’re not sure if it’s a spoof video or a serious attempt at a music career.  I’ve never heard of Rebecca Black or her song Friday, or the very incredibly boring/cheesy video until I saw it trending on twitter just now, and going viral on YouTube.

This is some seriously bad music, and the video makes me embarrassed for humanity. But don’t take my word for it, check out the video and let me know what you think, after you get your head out of the toilet.
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Here’s what others are saying about Rebecca Black and the the Friday video:

  • This video is a psychological wonder.

    It’s like looking into the mind of your average teenage girl.

    MudScarf 14 minutes ago
  • thumbs up if “itskingslybitch” sent u here

    TheXxmadmaddyxX 15 minutes ago

    NicoleReden 15 minutes ago
  • LOLLLLLLLLL. whaaaaaaaaat?

    AngelicaMop34 15 minutes ago
  • I– It’s just– WHAT?

    BuryMeInMemory13 15 minutes ago
  • There’s no room in the front, so it would have to be the back…yeah..partying.

    OMGAMELIAHERE 16 minutes ago
  • I think i just pooped a little.

    TheeChink 17 minutes ago
  • Seriously?

    EffyStonem12 17 minutes ago
  • Favoriting this so I can show all of my friends. This is the funniest song/video ever. Seriously, I’m rolling.

    brogan0916 17 minutes ago
  • I’m glad that FINALLY someone is dancing around and don’t like a whore. I’m glad there is FINALLY someone acting their age.  She’s a teenage girl, let her have her fun, and be excited over having a video out.

    LoveJamieNicole 17 minutes ago
  • This sounds like a cbeebies theme tune. SCARY

    rockchik121 17 minutes ago
  • partying, partying! FUN FUN FUN FUN!

    Hippiecritful 17 minutes ago
  • The horror….

    Chimier 17 minutes ago
  • this has to be a pisstake, if not then 😮

    masterjackblack 17 minutes ago
  • LOL


    baaabynikki 17 minutes ago
  • WTF is this…

    boomstickkid 17 minutes ago
  • …. What?

    GothamRole 18 minutes ago

    XenRA 18 minutes ago
  • WTF

    Teffypunk 18 minutes ago
  • maybe justin bieber did deserve a record deal

    suruxcv 19 minutes ago
  • hahah, this is hilarious. she’s like twelve. how do people like this get signed & have music videos when there are actual talented people here on youtube that have good music & they’re working alone?


    hxcpunkgirl14 19 minutes ago

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