Nissan Motor Co Operations Impacted By Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

The Nissan Motor Company, and Nissan Americas, made an announcement today on the impact of the Japan earthquake and Tsunami on their operations. While any disruption in manufacturing is bad, it looks at first glance that the overall impact to Nissan Americas, and Nissan Motor Company is limited.

Nissan first announced that no Nissan Americas employees travelling in Japan on assignment were injured or killed in the earthquake and tsunami, and that many employees had already returned to their home countries.
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Nissan Facilities/Production Status:

All Nissan Americas manufacturing operations remain on normal production schedules.

Six Nissan Japan facilities have reported some type of damage related to the earthquake and/or tsunami, including Iwaki plant in Fukushima, home of the nuclear reactor explosion

Nissans Tochigi and Iwaki plants have suspended production until Friday March 18, while four others are suspended until Wednesday, March 16

Nissan Americas reported that nearly 70 % of the Nissan models sold in the Americas are manufactured in the Americas.  They also reported that there is sufficient stock in most models at dealers, or on their way by ship from Japan before the earthquake struck.  There was damage to some US and Canadian bound vehicles that were stored at ports awaiting shipment.

Nissan also reported that 600 units of their new electric car the Nissan Leaf had left port on March 10 just before the earthquake hit, so will arrive on time in the U.S.


Overall, it seems Toyota remains relatively unscathed, except for Nissan ADR, which is down $1.36 or 7.16% this afternoon.  Seems a little oversold doesn’t it?

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