Charlie Sheen Rumored to Come Back To Two and Half Men

It seems that maybe Charlie Sheen was not just crazy the last few weeks, but maybe crazy like a fox.  It’s rumored that CBS has offered his job on Two and a Half Men back, and that negotiations are underway.  Of course, this begs the question:  What will happen to all those sold out Violent Torpedo of Truth tour dates?

It seems that the gravy train that is Two and a Half Men, just can’t be given up on.  And without Charlie Sheen it just isn’t Two and a Half Men.  Given that the shows main character basically mimics Charlie Sheen’s real life in most ways (except that he doesn’t do cocaine on the show), Two and A Half Men would die a quick death without Sheen.
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Given the advertising money being lost, it’s no surprise that CBS is pushing for Sheen to come back.  Advertising revenue from the show is estimated at $2.9 million per half hour episode.  Now that is what I call “winning”.

Neither CBS, nor Charlie Sheen spokespeople, are commenting on these rumors as of yet.

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