Iggy Pop Live On American Idol. At Age Of 64?[VIDEO]

It was a bit surreal on American Idol last, and even Ryan Seacrest seemed a bit freaked out by the impending “performance” of Iggy Pop on American Idol last night. Seacrest introduced the rock legend Iggy Pop with “Ladies and Gentlemen, I don’t know if you’re ready for this….Hall of Famer Iggy Pop!!”.

While Seacrest was doing the intro, Jennifer Lopez looked like she was going do do in her pants and maybe slightly confused as to who Iggy Pop was? Steve Tyler didn’t seem impressed or star struck, with a slight look of distaste in his facial expressions. And Randy, well Randy was just nodding and bopping and saying “yeah dawg.”
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Either way, out comes the “rock legend” Iggy Pop, at the age of 64, with no shirt on, still skinny as a rail, long stringy hair and sporting a bit of a tan (in a can?) This editor isn’t convinced Iggy Pop is a legend, well maybe in his own mind, but I do know one thing. His performance was lacking polish. But then, at the age of 64, Iggy Pop likely isn’t doing many rehearsals.

I can just imagine all the teen boppers who are the American Idol audience scratching there heads and saying “Dad, who the hell is Iggy Pop, and why is he torturing us on American Idol?”

One thing is certain, the old adage, drugs kill, does not apply to Iggy Pop.

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