California Mandates Nation’s Highest Renewable Energy Goals

While other states and experts push for higher domestic oil and natural gas drilling, the state of California is pushing for less dependence on oil and gas.  Today, Tuesday April 12, California Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation mandating utilities to obtain 33%  of their power from renewable sources.  This is now the highest goal in the country.

California utilities have until the end of 2020 to comply with this goal of 33% renewable energy production.  The legislation states 33% of the power must come from solar panels, wind generators, and “other renewable sources”.   Hydro electric and geo thermal electricity would be included in the renewable energy portion.

Prior to today’s legislation, California utilities were required to get 20% of their electricity from renewable sources.  Supporters of the legislation applaud the new 33% mandate, saying it will reassure investors in renewable energy sources, create new investment demand for alternative energy sources, and create many jobs in the alternative energy sector.  It will also reduce smog and improve the quality of air and the quality of life for the people of California.


Those that do not support the legislation, which are those that have ties to oil, gas, and coal industries, came out of the woodwork saying that coal and natural gas would be cheaper, thus keeping costs lower for businesses and consumers.  This lack of foresight is what has kept investments in renewable energy on the backburner for so long.  The critics talk about saving money, but that is only in the short run.  They also clearly have no regard for the environment they live in.

Naturally, the Republican party are critics of the plan, pointed out a study that says the new 33% mandate will raise electricity rates by 19%.  Naturally, the Republicans would like to see more oil and gas usage so their cronies in Texas, and companies like Haliburton can continue to profit handsomely.

Gov. Brown told the Associated Pres: “Being dependent on foreign fossil fuel is not good for our economy, it’s not good for our security, and it’s not good for our climate,” the Democratic governor told The Associated Press. “We have to be bold.”

If only we had more Governors in the United States who would dare to make bold moves such as this.

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