Try These Top 5 Weight Loss Tips From Dr. Oz Today

Everyone loves Dr. Oz for his insights on eating healthy, workout tips, losing weight, and generally living a more healthy lifestyle every day. Every day Dr. Oz brings his viewers and fans a new idea on healthy living. This time, he offered his top 5 weight loss tips that you can try today.

These Dr. Oz weight loss tips are not exactly earth shattering, or original, but at least it gets you thinking and reminds people that they are doing everything wrong when it comes to daily meals and snacks. So without further ado, here are Dr. Oz’s top five weight loss tips:
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1. Don’t eat out of the box/carton etc: These days everyone is buying bulk packages at Costco, Walmart, or BJ’s.  It’s all fine and good to save money on your food bill, but don’t grab a big box of food and start chowing down!  This is common sense, but I’m guilty as charged.  Instead, break out those massive packages of food into single serve sizes into tupperware or a baggie.  That way, the next meal will be right sized, instead of super sized.

2. Hop into bed: Dr. Oz isn’t talking about taking a nap here.  He recommends  sex (and we wholeheartedly agree with this one) to burn calories and to control the amount of food you eat.  I guess he figures you can’t eat if you’re having sex, but obviously he never saw the Seinfeld episode where George illustrated how you can eat your cake and have it too in bed.

3. Spice up your diet: Dr. Oz recommends red pepper flakes in your meals, especially early in the day.  This supposedly suppresses your appetite later in the day.  Better buy some Tums!

4. Quit Your Weekend Binging!: A lot of people tend to eat healthy Monday through Friday, and then feel like they can get away with murder on their weekend dining (again, guilty as charged).  He suggests you eat healthy 7 days a week, by planning your weekend meals ahead of time, and planning workouts during the weekend as well.  Easier said than done Mr. Oz.

5. More fruit and veggies: Dr. Oz recommends you eat baby food!  Well not quite, but basically the same.   He says you should puree peaches, pears, squash, whatever, and spread it on wheat pitas for a tasty AND healthy snack that is great for those summer picnics.

So there you have it; five super easy weight loss tips to get you on track for summer slimness.

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