Google Offers Launches Groupon Killer in Portland, Oregon

The much anticipated Google Groupon copycat competitor Google Offers has launched. It appears Google is running a Google Offers beta in Portland, Oregon, New York City, Oakland/East Bay, and San Francisco.

When we say “they’ve launched Google Offers” we don’t mean there are actually offers available in any of these cities yet. While the Google Offers site is up and running today, it says they are running a Beta in Portland, OR,  and then requests you to subscribe now to get Offers in your inbox when we launch in your area.  There is a drop down menu that lists all of the cities above, NOT just Portland.
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Being the ever curious journalist that I am, I registered for Portland, and for NYC Downtown, to see just how good the Offers are.  I immediately received emails from Google Offers stating:

Hi Kevin,
Thanks for subscribing to Google Offers BETA – Portland! We’re excited that you’ve joined us as we partner with some of the best local businesses in your area to bring you great deals at 50% off or more.

Once Google Offers is available in Portland we’ll send you regular emails letting you in on amazing offers in your area.

We’ll be in touch.

-The Google Offers Team

So based on these emails, it would seem the Beta hasn’t really begun YET.  But we are excited to see how the Google Offers compare with the Groupon deals and the LivingSocial deals, and whether Google can take away some of the massive Groupon market share.  One wonders how long it will be before this “Deal of the Day” marketplace is completely saturated.  While Groupon has taken an early lead in this market, our money is on the evil Google empire.

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