Boston Bruins Ference Montreal Finger Strains US Canada Relations

We here at California Examiner are always amazed at how the littlest things can set off a firestorm of controversy, and Boston Bruins player Andrew Ference’s middle finger salute to the fans of Montreal is another great example. In this case, this silly little finger to the fans has set off a war of words on the YouTube videos comments section, with Americans and Canadians bashing each other’s countries. Over a hockey game….and a middle finger.
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In game four of the Montreal Canadiens vs Boston Bruins round one playoff game, the somewhat talentless Andrew Ference scored his first playoff goal in 8 years. While he was celebrating his first goal in eight years he gave the Montreal fans the finger, while his glove was still on. The NHL commissioner has fined him $2,500 for this major infraction. That fine alone makes this story funny. They fine a player for giving the fans the finger, yet they don’t fine players for concussion causing hits to head of an opponent.

This is the same league that tells their referees to let the players fight, until they either fall to the ice, or one of them starts bleeding in the face. But a finger salute to the fans, oh the horror!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the fighting, but not the head hunting that goes on in the NHL. But none of the previous points matter. What really amazes me is the emotion, the pure hatred, and complete ignorance being flung about on the YouTube comments section for this video. You’ve got Canadians badmouthing calling Ference an ugly American, yet Ference is a Canadian, as are a high percentage of the Boston Bruins players, and the rest of the American team players. You’ve got the Americans calling the Montreal fans classless for booing the American anthem, and things have just gone down hill from there. I haven’t seen the video proof of this, but if true, I would have to agree with that assessment.

Anyways, here’s a sampling of the nastiness:

  • @ls3100sfi I am more than confident that is NOT why the boo the American anthem.

    It is not because they’re upset over the ignorance of that American, it is because of their own ignorance for everything except themselves.

    Of course, this is a hugely stereotypical statement, but a fair number of french-canadians do uphold the arragont prick stereotype. I am Canadian, by the way, and know a few french-canadians who I like, but there are also plenty I don”t.

    jduval677 20 minutes ago
  • I saw that last night and wantedto punch him. Pissed me off even MORE that the Canadian’s lost.

    cody12345249 20 minutes ago
  • hes so dusty that hes willing to pay $2500 for a goal…

    hitmusic411 22 minutes ago 2 
  • @ls3100sfi Keep telling yourself that kid.

    DrearyErie 28 minutes ago
  • golum369 28 minutes ago

  • habs fans booed the american anthem because the ignorant asshole killed 4 canadians in afghanistan and called it friendly fire everyone knows that

    ls3100sfi 31 minutes ago
  • stay classy Andrew… stay classy.

    mischiefpwns 31 minutes ago
  • @Riles07 yeah in the playoffs….

    akGCO47 32 minutes ago
  • You know what… I don’t have a problem with him flipping the bird to a crowd of arrogant french assholes who boo the American national anthem… well worth his pocket change. ^5

    JCastle420 33 minutes ago
  • GO HABS GO!!!!!!!!!!!

Hopefully a very minor incident like an Andrew Ference finger to Montreal hockey fans doesn’t turn into an all out war between the United States and Canada.