Grey Wolves may Lose Federal Protection

Federal officials are once again trying to remove the Endangered Species Act protections form grey wolves in the region of western Great Lakes, especially in the forests and fields of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where about 4.200 of them wander. Almost a decade ago, they were faced with extinction.

So far, courts have stopped several attempts by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service from removing wolves from the list of endangered species. The courts are siding with the environmentalists who are claiming that even though there are over four thousand wandering in the area in question, their existence is still shaky.

With this latest incident, they are taking public comments for sixty days before they make their final decision. The Fish and Wildlife service is claiming that the wolves have achieved their recovery status but they are not taking into consideration those wolves are vulnerable to such diseases as mange and parvovirus. They are also not taking in consideration that they are also subjected to human attacks.

This is the fourth proposal in eight years by the federal agency to change the wolf’s legal status in these regions. This newest proposal came after Congress voted to take wolves of their federal protection. This affected five states in the Northern Rockies, which include Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.

It is now a wait and see situation as to whether the grey wolves will loose their Federal Protection status.

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