Is Chocolate Good For You?

There are not many people in this world that does not love chocolate but is it good for you? Yes, it tastes good and can satisfy your sweet tooth but does it have any nutritional value? The answer to this question is yes, but only if you eat dark chocolate. This is not everyone’s favorite chocolate because it is not as sweet as milk chocolate.

The reason that dark chocolate is so good for you is that it has many different types of antioxidants. Dark chocolate also has folic acid, copper, and magnesium, which are all good for your body. Chocolate, white, dark, or milk, can be a natural mood raiser because it has pheynlethylamine. In your brain you will fine serotonin levels so when you eat chocolate; pheynlethylamine will help these levels to make you feel happier. It is healthy for your body to be happy. Some women use the reasoning for eating a chocolate candy bar that it helps them with their PMS, which may be true.
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As with anything there are some cons to eating chocolate. Some people are subject to a headache when they eat chocolate. It may be all chocolate or just certain chocolates. In addition to the good antioxidants chocolate also has some chemicals that a person’s body may react to. Some may even suffer heartburn after they eat chocolate.

So the answer to the question is chocolate good for you, the answer is: it depends on the person eating the chocolate.

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