Obese Teens Linked With Vitamin D Deficiency

According to a new study, it has been found that is common for obese teens to have a low level of vitamin D. When researchers screened sixty eight obese teens, in all the girls it was found that seventy-two percent were deficient and twenty-eight percent were insufficient. In the boys ninety-one percent were found to have low levels of vitamin D with sixty nine percent deficient and twenty two percent insufficient.

The group of sixty eight obese teens was given treatment for low levels of vitamin D and at the end of the treatment forty three of the teens had their vitamin D levels measured again. At this time, the levels had increased but only twenty eight percent achieved normal levels.
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One of the reasons that repeated treatments did not raise their vitamin D levels to normal is that vitamin D is stored in body fat although the researchers are not really sure if this was the reason. Another reason could be that being obese they do not get outside as much as lean people nor do they eat the proper foods that contain vitamin D.

The explanation for this last reason is that vitamin D is produced by the skin when it is exposed to sunlight and you can find it in certain foods like eggs, fish, dairy products and cereal.

The conclusion to this research study is that there also needs to be more research done to see if the health risks that are associated with obesity can be reduced if the vitamin D level is normal.

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