Lifestyle, Diet Don’t Increase Chance of Alzheimer’s Disease

For a time researchers thought that the type of lifestyle and diet a person had would affect their chances of getting or not getting Alzheimer’s but now that have found that these two factors have little effect.

The National Institutes of Health has looked at the studies to see if exercise, diet, chronic diseases, or nutritional supplements affect a person’s chance on getting or not getting this fatal disease that causes your brain to waste away. They did come to the conclusion that the risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease was raised if the patient has some signs of high cholesterol, diabetes, and of course, smoking.
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They also discovered that eating a diet that was high in healthy fruits, vegetables, and fat plus taking folic acid appeared to lower the risk of getting the disease. You also had to make sure that you had cut back on alcohol and were keeping the body and brain fit. They called this diet the Mediterranean diet.

Unfortunately, there has not been enough evidence to support the decision one way or the other in regards to whether lifestyle and diet have any effect on the probabilities of getting or not getting the disease. The most reliable known risk to date is that it normally affects elderly people and can affect twenty six million people around the world. In the United States of the five point four million people who are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s there are four percent that are under the age of sixty five and forty five percent are ages eighty five or older.

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