Foods to Spring Clean and Detox Your Body

When spring comes around everyone throws open the windows to air out the house and begins to spring clean the house from top to bottom. If you can spring clean your house, why not spring clean your body? To get some help with this chore make sure that you are eating clean by avoiding foods that chemical additives and are processed. Drinks lots of water that has been filtered to stay hydrated and eat and drink some of the following foods to help spring clean your body by flushing out toxins refreshing all your vital parts.
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Eat plenty of green, leafy vegetables raw, steamed, or pureed into a juice. They will help clean out toxins from the enviornment like pesticides or heavy metals. In addition, leafy green vegetables will help protect your liver, which is your major detoxifier.

Use lots of garlic. Although it may keep friends, family, and loved ones away it will also help to diminish a process that creates cancer causing compounds in your body. If you do not like plain water, how about having a glass of lemonade that is made fresh with water that has been filtered, or a glass of green tea, which can also be drank hot.

Lemonade will not only help keep you from being thirsty but the Vitamin C will help to convert the toxins in your body into a soluble that can be flushed out of your body easily. Green tea is antioxidant rich and is one of the best ways to get more water into your body.  Green tea contains catechins that helps liver activity speed up and get rid of toxins faster.

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