Are you an Exercise-aholic?

Okay, I just made up that word but what else can you call it when all you seem to think about is exercising. Maybe I should have asked the question “Are you obsessed with exercise” but any way you want to phrase it, it means the same thing. In answer to the question one sure sign that you are obsessed with exercise is if exercising is impacting your family or work obligations. If you find yourself missing work, skipping out early, using your lunch break to run to the gym, missing out on family activities just to run to the gym and exercise you might be just a little obsessed.
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Another sure sign of exercise obsession is if you start feeling a lot of guilt because you missed a workout. Face it, stuff happens and there is nothing wrong with missing a day.

If you start to find yourself on the borderline of having financial problems just because you could not do without that special piece of exercise equipment or a some new designer work out clothes it is definitely time to rethink your priorities.

Sure, you want to look and fee great but there comes a time when it is time to say enough is enough. Make sure that you are exercising because you want to become healthier, and eat well balanced meals, plus drink lots of water.

How to Become an Exercise-Aholic: Acquire a Taste for Working-out …

How to Become an ExerciseAholic: Acquire a Taste for Working-out. Lets face it. Most of us are not preprogrammed to make exercise as part of our daily 


What Is Your Exercise Personality?

The exercise aholic is a fitness fanatic. These types of people go to the gym every single day of the week, and never miss out on a training session. 


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is worth $40 for an exerciseaholic and $130 for a couch potato.  Then, calculate the proportion of exerciseaholic among people