Recent Graduates Hit by Recession

College graduates from the past five years were surveyed, revealing that the Recession has really hit college graduates hard. Some of the graduates have been forced to take minimum wage jobs that are not even related to what their degree is. Approximately half of them expect to have less successful financially than their parents. The survey revealed that 83% of these college graduates had a job when they went to school making many sacrifices only to graduate without having a good job in their field of study compounded with debt.

Some interesting statistics came out of this survey such as those graduates between 2006 and 2008 their starting salary was thirty thousand dollars but for those that graduated in the last two years, their starting salary as only twenty seven thousand dollars. Within the past four years the starting salaries have not gone up but went in the opposite direction by three thousand dollars.
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Another statistic is that women graduates still paid less than men graduates. A lot of the college graduates state that they are working in jobs that do not even need for you to have a college education. Only six college graduates out of ten say where they are working is in the their field of study and only seven college graduates out of ten said in their first job, their education had some relation to the job. Is it even worth it to spend thousands of dollars on a college education only to land up in debt for the new several years and working in a fast food restaurant flipping burgers?

The heavy load of student loans
Fremont News Messenger, on Sat, 21 May 2011 05:38:52 -0700

Nonetheless, he graduates this year with almost $20000 in loans to pay back. Michael’s brother Matthew, a sophomore at Ohio Northern, will have a similar burden. Both are majoring in graphic arts. Not only are this spring’s college graduates more 


Study: Community colleges boost economy
Casper Star-Tribune Online, on Sat, 21 May 2011 05:15:06 -0700

Wyoming service agencies also benefit from lower costs associated with the graduates‘ better health and reduced spending on crime, welfare and unemployment, resulting in an estimated savings of Out-of-state students — about 12 percent of the total 


CSET seeks continued support
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You may designate the activity you would like to support, such as the Junior Leadership program or scholarships for graduates of our Sequoia Community Corps, by accessing our website, Anything else to add about your