Hallucinogenic Bath Salts Face Ban

There is a bill on the governor’s desk in Texas asking that bath salts be banned from being sold. Not just any old bath salts but the ones that are hallucinogenic bath salts. This particular bath salt is sold under the names White Lightening, Cloud 9, and Ivory Wave. A family has had their son commit suicide after using this type of bath salt, which some say is a legal form of cocaine. Their son started to hallucinate, became paranoid, and eventually committed suicide.

State Representative Coleman of Texas introduced the bill that would ban the sale of this particular bath salt and is ready to be signed by the Governor. If it is signed it would go in effect in September.

If it goes into effect, here is a list of the punishments for manufacturing, delivering, and possession. Offenders with less than one gram on them would be charged with a state jail felony for one hundred eighty days to two years in prison. Having between one and four grams on them could be considered a felony and you could spend up to twenty years in prison.
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An offender carrying between four and four hundred grams could sever between five and ninety nine years in prison. If the offender has more than four hundred grams they could serve either life or a sentence between ten and ninety nine years.

I have never heard of this hallucinogen bath salts. Is it just in Texas or in other states? Has anyone else heard of this type of bad bath salts? Inquiring minds want to know.

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