Internet Addiction can Cause Problems in Teens

According to a recent study, teens that are addicted to the internet may become angrier, depressed, and use drugs. Statistics show that one in twenty five teens are addicted to the internet and that was such a compulsion for some teenagers that if they start to withdraw, it could cause serious psychological and medical consequences. This survey was conducted on more than three thousand five hundred students at ten different high schools in Connecticut.
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By asking certain questions and then assessing the answers they gave helped to determine whether they were or were not addicted to the internet. The answers also help to assess whether they would have a growing tension when they could not use the internet and whether they had that irresistible need to go online.

It is still not completely clear whether or not this addiction to the internet will cause depression, anger, and drug use or whether these were simply problems that are faced by similar personality types. There needs to be more surveys and studies done to get a clear answer, if possible.

The three questions that they used to determine if the students had an addiction to the internet or nor are: If they ever had….
1. an irresistible urge to be online
2. experienced a growing anxiety or tension that could only be relieved by being online
3. tried to cut down using the internet or just quitting.

When they tallied the results it showed that four percent of the students surveyed fit the criteria.

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