GoDaddy Girl Danica Patrick—IndyCar or NASCAR ?

Does racing star and GoDaddy girl Danica Patrick choose IndyCar or NASCAR? This is not a decision that most women will ever find themselves facing unless they are a race car driver like Danica Patrick. At the end of the year, her contract with IndyCar with Andretti Autosport and NASCAR with JR Motorsports expires.

There are plans for her to take all her talent to NASCAR full time in 2012 which would give her great financial opportunities she may never get another shot at making but on the other hand, if she takes this golden opportunity, Danica is going to have to give up her childhood dream. That dream is too win the Indianapolis 500 one time. She will have her shot at making this childhood dream come true this coming Sunday.
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Unfortunately there is a downside to both of these proposals. The obvious one is having to give up her childhood dream and the other, if she chooses NASCAR, will she become a well known NASCAR driver or fail. So now she has to decide which road to take.

Does she follow her childhood dream or does she take the road to NASCAR knowing that there is a chance she could fail?   The solution to this dilemma is to go out there on Sunday and win the Indy 500 race and fulfill her childhood dream, then go to NASCAR and make another name for herself.  Stay tuned to Danica Patrick twitter tweets to catch her decision as it happens.

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In Patrick’s first NASCAR K&N Pro Series East race, she posted her first top 10 …..Danica Patrick: Career”. Indy Racing League, LLC and 


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