Protect Your Computer From Malware With Malware Bytes

The majority of computer users out there know they should protect their computers from viruses using any one of the many great anti virus software programs out there.  Meanwhile, many computer and laptop owners leave themselves at risk to the thousands of malware programs floating around the internet at any given time.  What people don’t realize, it is free to scan your  computer with Malware Bytes software!
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What’s malware, you ask?  Excellent question. Malware, is short form for malicious software.  These malicious software programs are designed to disrupt or deny computer operation, and more importantly, to gather information about the computer user.  This information gathering is potentially the most devastating aspect of Malware as it puts your personal financial information and your passwords at risk.

Any time your computer or laptop is affected by malware you are at risk of having your banking, investments, credit card information, and all your private passwords at risk of abuse by the hackers who created the malware product.  Another less devastating, but equally malicious and profitable trick is to create a program that makes you think your computer has a virus, and then suggests (usually in an infinite loop) that you purchase an anti virus software package.  A high profile example of this is the nasty 2010 Internet Security 2010 Virus, which proved extremely difficult to remove from your computer or laptop.

One Malware scanner and remover that worked well at removing the Internet Security 2010 Virus  was Malwarebytes, which provided great assistance to this editor last year, in removing Internet Security 2010 Virus.

We at California Examiner recommend you give Malwarebytes a try as it is free to use, and quickly scans your computer or laptop to ensure there are no malicious software programs hiding in your pc!