Mason, A Miraculous Four-legged Tornado Survivor

When a tornado hits, most people do not have time to think about their pets and their safety. It is not that they do not love them but it is because they may just barely have time to seek shelter themselves or maybe they were not home when tragedy struck.

This is the story that just hit the news on May 26th about a terrier mix dog named Mason that was blown away in last month’s tornado in Alabama from where he was hiding in the garage. When the owners could not find him, they feared he was a victim of the tornado but he crawled back to his home days later…..with two broken front legs.
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They had looked everywhere but could not find him. They found Mason waiting on their front porch when they returned two and a half weeks later to start going through the debris. He had surgery on May 20th and is reported to be doing well.

They had to attaché metal plates to his bones so they would heal and will be returning to his loving family in about three weeks. The veterinarians report that Mason is expected to be able to walk normally after a recovery period of six weeks. The only thing that is going to be different is that his front legs will be a little shorter than his back legs.

For all the death and destruction that results because of natural disasters such as floods and a tornado, it is nice to hear about such survivors, even if they are the four legged kind.

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