Teenager Shoots Father With Bow and Arrow

Yes, it is true. A teenage girl shot her father but not with a gun. No, she picked up a bow and shot her father with an arrow. In case some of you are not aware but it takes some strength to pull back the bow and shot an arrow so she must be a pretty strong girl. Anyway, back to the story. This teenager, on Thursday May 26, 2011, shot her thirty five year old father because he took away her cell phone as a form of discipline.
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It seems it’s time for some useless government agency to perform a high priced survey on the effects of cell phone addiction on society.

After she shot him in the torso, it is alleged that she refused to give him the cell phone to call for help. Her father had to crawl to a neighbor’s house and have them call for help. He was air lifted to the hospital. No word on his condition at this time.

The girl was only fifteen years old. She ran from the scene of the shooting taking the bow and a few dozen arrows with her into the woods, where she was captured by the police a little while later.

Sounds like this fifteen year old teenage girl has some serious anger issues and makes you wonder what she did in the first place to have her father take her cell phone.

More Details:

Girl shoots dad with arrow over phone
WIVB, on Fri, 27 May 2011 04:11:46 -0700

(AP) – A 15-year-old girl used a hunting bow to shoot her father with an arrow after he grounded her and took her cell phone, then hid in the woods until she was arrested, authorities said. The man, who told officers about the Wednesday evening attack,