2011—The Deadliest Tornado Season In History

Tornado season officially goes from April to June but as everyone knows, a tornado can happen at any time. It does not know that it has its own season. So far, this tornado season has been the deadliest United States tornado year on record, and it is not even over yet. There is still a little over a month left in the season.

In Joplin, Missouri, with the total number of deaths there, which are one hundred thirty nine and one hundred and five still unaccounted for, brings the number of fatalities to the same number as in 1953. This was the deadliest year since they began to keep records but with so many more, 2011 is going to be given that title.
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Last month, when Alabama was hit by those waves of tornados suffered the most with two hundred forty three confirmed dead followed by thirty three dead in Tennessee, thirty one in Mississippi, and twenty four in North Carolina. Ironically, two of the states that are in what people call “Tornado Alley” have fewer than twenty deaths. In Oklahoma there were only twelve dead and in Kansas there are only three dead.

These tornado outbreaks have been hard hitting states that are not even in “Tornado Alley” and have been mainly EF-5 or EF-4 tornados. At present count there were four EF-5 tornados and eleven EF-4 tornados. The EF-5 tornados have the highest intensity and power rating.

Since tornado season does not end until the end of June, no one knows just how high the death total will be, where and when the next outbreak will hit, and the intensity of the tornado.