Dan Wheldon The Winner of Indy 500 For Second Time

In the last lap JR Hildebrand was leading with Dan Wheldon right on his heels thinking that all he was going to be able to do was have another runner up finish. As Dan Wheldon was coming toward the final corner of the race track he say JR Hildebrand’s crumpled car smashed and sliding along the wall.
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JR Hildebrand, a rookie, had made a big mistake with the last turn of the wheel and smashed into the wall, leaving Dan Wheldon to make a turn into victory lane. Danica Patrick finished tenth after taking the lead with twenty one laps to go. Unfortunately she did not have the fuel to carry her all twenty one laps to the finish line. At the eleventh lap when driver Baquette passed her, she made a pit stop on the next lap and just could not catch up with the leader.

JR Hildebrand was leading by almost four seconds and needed to make it just one more time around the two mile track, making it through three turns with no problems but then came the fourth turn. He came upon another rookie going much slower and instead of backing off, Hildebrand move to the outside to make the pass.

He went too high and lost control. When Hildebrand lost control, it caused him to slam into the outside wall. His car skidded across the finish line two point one seconds behind Weldon with his car still hugging the concrete barrier.

Although the race is called the Indianapolis 500, the race car drivers only go around the track two hundred laps. This was Dan Weldon’s second Indianapolis 500 win.