Special Tinted Glasses May Help People With Migraines

The are many people that are suffering from migraine headaches which may be a common occurrence that happens daily, weekly, monthly, etc. There are some that may have them once a year or just once or twice. If you have never suffered from a migraine, then you have no idea of the pain that they go through. I have had a couple myself plus one of my family suffers from what is called cluster migraines.
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For people whose migraine pain is brought on by visual patterns such as light flashes may benefit from precision tinted glasses. There are approximately forty two percent of people that have migraine have these visual auras. Auras are what people with migraines get before they get the actual migraine.

Sometimes it is visual, some have feelings, some have a certain smell, and others have no aura. Each migraine suffer is different and some even have a variety of auras. They did a real time study with twenty two people of which eleven were migraine suffers by using a MRI machine. This type of machine captures brain activity when the migraines are happening and the ones who did the study wanted to know if the tinted glasses worn by people who got migraines would normalize brain activity.

The researchers did notice brain activity normalized in people suffering from migraines when they wore glasses that were tinted when looking at various patterns. The people with the migraines reported less pain by approximately seventy percent. There are more studies that the researchers want to do before they officially say that glasses with tinted lenses help migraine sufferers.

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