More Homes Becoming Rental Housing

There are more than five hundred large and midsize cities that are seeing a rise in the number of homes being rented instead of being owned due in part to the aftermath of the recession and housing market collapse. Over the past five years, there have been over four million homes lost due to foreclosure, which is why many homes there were owner-occupied are now rental homes. This shift from owning a home to renting a home has the potential to be long lasting and may be how people are going to be able to build wealth.
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Of the one hundred largest cities looked at the ones with the largest shift from owning a home to renting homes were as follows from 2000-2010.

  • Irvine, California from forty percent to forty nine point eight percent
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from forty point seven percent to forty five point nine percent.
  • Birmingham, Alabama from forty six point three percent to fifty point seven percent.
  • Reading, Pennsylvania from forty nine percent to fifty seven point six percent.

There were also twenty five cities, which include Minneapolis, Baltimore, Sacramento, and Salt Lake City that went from half homeowners to the majority of the homes being rentals from 2000 to 2010. The most cities where the share of rented houses grew by at least five percent were in the states of California, Arizona, and Florida. In a nationwide figure from 2000 to 2010, rental homes went from thirty three point eight percent to thirty four point nine percent.


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