Now’s The Time To Buy A Great Used Car, At A Great Price

With the price of automobiles today many people have decided to buy a used car instead.   The question that many people have running through their minds when they go used car shopping is whether they are getting a good used car or a lemon. When you buy a used car you are taking a gamble that you are getting a good car. You are probably wondering what the seller or dealership is telling is the truth or just something to get you to buy the car.
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One way to insure that you are getting a good car from a dealership is to buy a certified pre-owned vehicle for the simple reason is that they have been closely inspected and carry a warranty. This added protection does add some to the vehicle’s price but it is an extra expense that is well worth it if it guarantees a good vehicle.

One of more important tools for getting a good used car is the road test and a visual and functional inspection. This should be done after a cold engine start. What you are looking for is the engine quiet at all times, does the transmission shift smoothly, does the car wander, rattle, clunk or squeak when you drive it over irregular payment, do the turn signals work, do the brake lights work when you step on the brakes, how does the fluids look and more.

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