The Dash Diet Eating Plan New Flavor Of The Week

Every week a new weight loss gimmick hits the big time by going viral on the web. It seems the DASH Diet Eating Plan has managed to do just that today. So just what the hell is the DASH Diet gimmick (I mean, eating plan), and why is it’s story going viral on twitter, google search, facebook and everywhere in between? Well at first I’d say, who cares, and who cares.

But that makes for a rather short news story, even by our (low) standards. So here’s a little recap of what and why on the DASH Diet Eating Plan frenzy today.
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The DASH Diet Eating plan is apparently recommended for those with hypertension or prehypertension (that’s just a big word for high blood pressure). It “apparently” lowers blood pressure in studies done by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The DASH diet eating plan is based on the not so earth shattering approach of low sodium, rich in fruits and Vegetables, low or ever non fat (eck) dairy (you have agree non fat cheese tastes like ass), and whole grains. Umm, isn’t this all just already public domain knowledge?? I mean, really, is there anything new here?

Nope, the DASH Diet Eating Plan isn’t new. It’s just regurgitated crap, thrown together for a study, this time by a prestigious health authority (NIH). So, while this plan is certainly conducive to assisting the general public in losing weight and reducing blood pressure, it certainly isn’t groundbreaking, or new.

So whoever came up with the glorious DASH Diet Eating Plan is rather brilliant, though I think they could have done better with the name, it is a bit long and not so catchy. They’ll have no shortage of people stupid enough to part with their hard earned money for a silly book full of common sense eating ideas. The hard part will be for those consumers to get off their fat lazy asses to follow through on the DASH Diet Eating Plan. Good luck.

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