The Biggest Solar Flare Ever, Minor Effect On Earth [Amazing Video]

The biggest solar flare in 4 years has been released by the sun and has been heading toward the earth at the rate of fourteen hundred km/s. It is should reach Earth today. According to NASA it is S-1 class (minor) radiation storm, an M-2 (medium sized) solar flare and a spectacular mass ejection (CME).
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The solar flare happens with a small burst of radiation which comes from the magnetic energy that is associated with what is called sunspots. This would be the solar system’s largest explosive event. As far as how it may impact Earth, because of the CME, the cloud of charged particles will just pass by Earth but it may affect communication and satellite systems. There is also a chance of a wondrous light show when there is a strong solar flare. The electromagnetic pulse from the solar flare may also disrupt radio traffic and power grids.

Some of the industries that may be affected by these solar flares can include electric power companies, GPS, Military, shipping routes on the ocean and airlines. This radiation storm did not squarely blow to Earth but should only deliver to the Earth’s magnetic field a light blow when it passes by.

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(Photo: NASA) Skywatchers in Earth’s northern regions may be treated to a dazzling aurora display tonight, thanks to a huge solar flare unleashed by the sun this week. WorldShares lets you earn donations for your favorite nonprofit. 


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