Five Year Old Child Could Face Murder Charges

Yes, you read that right. A five year old girl in Kansas City may be facing murder charges in the drowning death of her eighteen month old brother just because he would not stop crying. Before you start getting your backs up and start thinking the worse about the mother, it is not her fault directly. Her only fault was hiring an incompetent baby sitter who fell asleep while watching the children.
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It’s not known, at this time, why the mother left the children under the care of a babysitter but it could be any number of reasons. It’s also not know if there are any charges pending against the incompetent babysitter or if there are even going to be. All we’re hearing is that the prosecutors will make a decision on how to handle the case after the medical examiner’s report is finished and released.

If this eighteen month old child is crying so long that the little five year old got irritated with it, why did the babysitter not hear him crying? I think that the babysitter needs to be investigated although it is too late now to check to see if the babysitter was doing drugs or whatever to make them go to sleep and sleep so soundly that they could not hear an eighteen month old crying. To become irritating to a five year old it seems as if the baby would have to been crying for quite a long time.

This is a very sad story and the death of her brother will haunt this young girl for a long time.