Four New Smart Phones Hit the Market Before Fathers Day

Just in time for Father’s day, there are four new smart phones on the market. Either of them would make a great gift for your dad on his special day. The four new phones are the Samsung Infuse 4G, Nexus S 4G, Sony Xperia Play, and T-Mobile G2x. Each of the phones has a price tag of two hundred dollars with a two year contract after rebates.
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  • Samsung Infuse 4G—this phone is from AT &T, and has a four point five inch brilliant display. The videos taken with this phone were sharp, smooth, and had great color. It comes with an eight megapixel camera with video recording of 720p. You can watch your videos on the television.
  • T-Mobile G2X—this phone has 1080p video recording and HD video recorders. The camera has a flash, many manual controls, and HDMI connector to connect it to your television.
  • Sony Xperia Play—this is a hybrid gadget that combines a phone with a gaming console. It also has built in Wi-Fi which you can use to connect with other games on the internet. It has over fifty games available with more games planned.
  • Samsung Nexus S 4G—this phone is from Sprint and is the only phone that you can use with Goggle Wallet. Goggle Wallet is a pay-by-phone system by Goggle. It has a Samsung processor with one GHz and a four inch touch screen. It can also be used as a 3G/4G mobile spot for as many as 6 Wi-Fi devices at once.

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