Tiny Fossil Found, Could be the World’s Smallest Dinosaur

A small tiny neck bone fossil has been found in the southern United Kingdom that is only a quarter inch in length. This fossil could belong to the world’s smallest dinosaur that was a feathered bird like creature. This creature lived more than one hundred million to one hundred forty five million years ago and only grew to no more that fifteen point seven inches.

They figure that this tiny neck bone fossil belonged to the adult feathered bird like creature that lived in the Cretaceous period. Until they know for sure, the title of the world’s smallest dinosaur is still held by the Anchiornis, which is another bird like dinosaur. It lived one hundred sixty million to one hundred fifty five million years ago in what is now China.
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The bone that they found belongs to a maniraptoran. This is a group of theropod dinosaurs researchers believe to be the ones that eventually led to the modern bird. Since they only have one vertebra there is no way to know how long it really was or what it ate. The reason that they are sure it was an adult is that the vertebra they found lacked a neurocentral suture. This is an open line of rough bone that does not close until the dinosaur is an adult.

If this is the smallest on record it will not only have the title of the world’s smallest dinosaur but it will certainly be the smallest North American dinosaur ever found.


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