Prenatal DNA Testing—Yes or No?

In years past when you got pregnant you did not know the sex of your child, whether it was going to be born healthy, and you did not know what color hair and eyes they would home. Most people just accepted the child they gave birth to. Now scientists are talking about doing prenatal DNA testing. It is nothing more than taking blood from the mom and doing a blood test to see the DNA of your baby.
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Imagine that this DNA blood test could reveal medical conditions such as Down syndrome, heart defects and things such as eye color and height. It could even tell you if the baby would be at risk for developing depression, Alzheimer’s disease, and whether you child will grow up to be gay.

What if the DNA blood test shows something that you cannot handle or accept like the child being gay, or being a manic/depressive person? Would the parents have the option of continuing the pregnancy or having an abortion? To me this is messing with something that should be left alone. I am not a religious person but I feel that God gives you a baby and if it is not “perfect” you should accept it and deal with it.

This is not a perfect world, and being able to decide if a baby lives or dies all because of a DNA blood test is almost like what Hitler was doing when he started to eliminate Jewish people. I say love the baby God gives you even if they are not perfect.

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