Do-it-Yourself Projects That Could Send You To The Emergency Room

In order to save money, many people are doing repairs themselves instead of hiring someone to do it. Although the jobs may not be that dangerous to do using the equipment incorrectly may. Here are some tips to help you stay safe and out of the emergency room.

Using a Ladder

Using a ladder the wrong way is one sure way to send you to the emergency room. In fact, falls from ladders sent over two hundred forty six thousand people to the emergency room in 2009. When you need to use a ladder, make sure that you are using the right one for the job. Make sure that it is the right height and set it up on a firm, level surface. Use a stepladder in the open A-shaped position only and lock spreaders. Do not step above the maximum height label.
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Power Tools

Using power tools incorrectly resulted in over eighty three thousand emergency room visits in 2009 with the most common injury being cuts to the hands and fingers. Make sure that you do not wear loose clothing that could become tangled in moving parts. Also watch what jewelry you wear for the same reasons. Make sure it is unplugged before you change a part and wear safety glasses.

Paints and Chemicals

Using these incorrectly resulted in over fifty three thousand emergency room visits in 2009 with injuries from chemical burns and breathing problems. Make sure that the room you are using any chemicals or paints is well ventilated, wear gloves, masks, and goggles if the product tells you to.


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