Ovarian and Breast Cancer Drug Taxol Shortage

Doctors and patients are complaining of a shortage of Taxol, a popular chemotherapy drug that is very effective in fighting ovarian cancer and breast cancer.  Taxol is the most widely used drug to fight Ovarian Cancer.  I know this first hand as my partner was just diagnosed with ovarian cancer one month ago, and is now in chemotherapy treatment using Taxol.

Taxol is just one in a long list of drugs that are becoming difficult to source by doctors.  Doctors are suggesting that the drug manufacturers are to blame, as they are reducing production of Taxol due too reduced Medicare spending.   They say that because Medicare is reducing the amount doctors are reimbursed for Taxol, drug companies are reducing their supply.  One manufacturer of Taxol, which is a generic drug now, blames the Taxol shortage on high demand.
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One leading oncologist near Washington DC, Dr. Annette Bicher, is very frustrated with the shortage of Taxol, and the effect it has on her practice.  Bicher’s office has 40 patients at her practice receiving Taxol at this time.

There is no word on when or if the Taxol shortage will corrected, and some patients are already being forced to use alternative drugs in their fight against ovarian cancer.  There is currently a bill in front of Congress that would require pharmaceutical companies to immediately notify the FDA when they expect a critical shortage of any drug.  So clearly this crisis will not be averted any time soon.

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