Some Good Choices For Healthy Salad Toppings

Many people decide that when they need to lose weight they reach for salads but after awhile it gets kind of boring with the same old salad and toppings. If you want to jazz up your salad and make it more appetizing, here are some new and healthy salad toppings you can put on your salad.
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Healthy Salad Toppings

  • Fennel: This vegetable is related to parsley, dill, and coriander and adds fiber, folate, and fiber to your diet. It is also referred to as anise so it will give your salad a subtle licorice flavor and is good on salads that have tomatoes and citrus fruits.
  • Salsa: By adding a half cup of this topping you are actually giving yourself and extra serving of vegetables and fruit over that salad of mixed greens. It is lower in sodium than other dressings with only two hundred mg per serving.
  • Beans: Using just a half cup will only add between one hundred and one hundred fifty extra calories but in exchange you will get between six and seven grams of much needed fiber. They will also help to make you full faster and complement almost any type of salad.
  • Seeds: These are a great alternative to nuts and even though they are both about equal in the amount of fat and calories, you get more seeds in a serving, which is usually two tablespoons. Seeds also have higher levels of zinc. If you choose pumpkin seeds, you are getting four grams of iron per serving.

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