A Gift From Walmart This Summer: Cheaper Gas

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Yes, you read the headline right. Customers are getting a gift this summer from Walmart. To help customers afford a summer vacation, they are cutting the price of their gas by ten cents a gallon for three months. Because customer’s shopper’s budgets are being squeezed by household costs and rising gas prices, they seem to be focusing more on groceries and other household items and little else.

There are eighteen states participating in lower gas prices through the end of September. This includes all participating Walmart and Murphy USA gas stations. All customers have to do is get a credit card or a re-loadable gift card from Walmart and use it at the pumps for gas, and diesel purchases.

These discounts are going to take effect immediately and there will be no other restrictions or requirements other than the customer have to use either a gift or credit card from Walmart. This is a small requirement to get ten cents off a gallon of gas because a gift card does not cost anything to purchase.

Gas prices are coming down but to fill up an average car will take about twenty gallons so that may only be a two dollar savings but it all adds up. To find out if your state is participating in the Walmart gas roll back program you can go online and search for the program.

Walmart hops on gas discounts
WISH, on Thu, 30 Jun 2011 06:44:40 -0700

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Walmart says it is known for rolling back and cutting prices, and now the major chain is following other stores in offering discounts on gas for loyal shoppers. The discount only applies on gas purchases made when using a 


Walmart Offers 10-Cents-a-Gallon Gas Savings at Participating Florida Stations
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In addition, customers can save using the Walmart Gift Card or the Walmart MoneyCard. The Walmart Gift Card gas program is now a 5-cent discount at the pump; and there is a new 5-cent per gallon gas discount when using the Walmart MoneyCard. 


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Wal-Mart, for example, introduced a program Wednesday allowing consumers to shave 10 cents per gallon off the cost of gas when they use a Walmart gift card, MoneyCard or credit card. The discount is good for the next three months at stations in 18