Concealed Weapons Allowed in Ohio Bars. That’s A Great Idea.

On Thursday, in Columbus, Ohio, John Kasich, Republican Governor signed into law the bill that will allow gun owners in Ohio to carry a concealed weapon into a bar. This also includes other places where there will be alcohol served. I think someone should enlighten the Governor that loaded guns and alcohol can be a deadly combination and this is not a good law to pass. I guess they wanted to outdo their Texas counterparts who allowed guns on campus.

There is one good thing to come out of this ridiculous law and that is that businesses that serve alcohol do have the right to ban concealed weapons on their premises for safety reasons. The Cincinnati Bengals football team has said that they will continue their practice of banning gun owners from bringing guns into the stadium.

This part of the law sounds a little contradictory in which it prohibits gun owners from being under the influence of alcohol or drugs or consuming alcohol when they carry their weapons into a bar. Why else would someone go into a bar if it was not to get something alcoholic to drink?

This new law also allows people to carry concealed handguns into any licensed state establishment which includes sporting events and shopping malls. In addition, they can transport a loaded handgun in a motor vehicle with making it secure in a holster, bag, box, or case. It also allows them to remove the handgun from secured locations. This part of the law can endanger police officers when they stop a car for a traffic violation.

Isn’t great to see your government in action?