First Wildfires, Now New Mexico Faces Flash Floods

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The wildfire that started a week ago in New Mexico has charred more than one hundred twenty three thousand five hundred acres but the firefighters have made progress in saving the Pueblo Indian’s land. At the Bandelier National Monument Park at least fifty percent of the thirty three thousand seven hundred fifty acres have been scorched. Now New Mexico is worrying about flash floods.

The weather forecasters are saying that the seasonal rains are now starting to show up across the Southwest and moving toward New Mexico. That is great news in helping with the wildfire but it could bring with it flash floods during the state’s monsoon season, which could happen in a couple of weeks or even the next day.

There is more of a risk of flooding since the wildfire has burned off the trees and ground hugging vegetation and grasses which make them concerned that any run off from the rains will just race down the canyons without any restrictions and make the creeks burst their banks. They are working at the Bandelier National Monument Park to clear the debris and logs from all the stream beds so the waters do not back up and flood al the historic buildings and sites that were saved from the wildfire.

So far, the wildfire that they have been battling has destroyed sixty three homes, thirty two outbuildings, and five properties that were considered commercial properties, and now comes the threat of flash floods. A one-two punch from Mother Nature.