Homeless Man Finds Blank Firing Replica Gun In Costa Mesa

It seems a homeless man in Costa Mesa called police in Costa Mesa last Sunday to let them know he had found a gun under him where he slept in Lyons Park.  The homeless man, David Betts, told police he found a gun under his leg after waking up in the Park.
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It turns out the gun, was not a real gun.  It was an air soft replica gun, and was an exact the replica of the Heckler & Koch 4o caliber pistol that Costa Mesa police use as their service guns.  The H&K replica gun has  the same weight, look, color and feel as the Costa Mesa officers’ sidearms.  Police said that when the slider is pulled or the cartridge is removed, you can see brass that resembles a bullet.  It seems every few months a issue arises with these blank firing replica guns, often used as movie gun props.

The homeless man, David Betts, while known by police, is not under any suspicion for any acts.  He called on his cell phone at 9:26 p.m., put the gun in a white paper bag and waited for the officers at a bus stop.  My question is how the hell does a homeless guy have a cell phone??

The gun will be stored in a found property area, Diebell said. If no one claims it, it eventually will be destroyed.