Free Fattening, Sugar Rush Slurpee At 7-Eleven Today

Yes, you heard us!  In honor of today’s date, 7/11,  7-Eleven, the purveyor of fine fattening snacks and breath robbing cigarettes, is giving Americans a nice free sugar high today.
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Today is 7-Eleven’s 84th birthday, which I can only assume is why they called the store 7-Eleven to begin with.  Now, 7-Eleven is the largest franchise operator with over 39,000 stores, so they do appear to be capping the freebie slurpee giveaway at 5 million units.  The catch…the free 7-Eleven Slurpee is only 7.11 ounces, so you better pick up a few bags of sugar candy if you were hoping for the usual coma inducing sugar rush of a 64 oz slurpee.

In actuality, 7-Eleven was not named that because it was formed on July 11.  It was named 7-Eleven back in 1946 because it’s original operating hours were 7 am to 11pm, a then unheard of scope of business hours.  All the other lazy businesses didn’t stay open nearly as long.  So I guess we can thank 7-Eleven for increasing the length of our work days.

By the way, that 7.11 oz slurpee will only add about 125 calories, give or take.