No More Cursive Writing in New School Standards in Indiana

Indiana is joining a list of states which do not require the schools to teach cursive writing because that is a thing of the past and the “in” things are emails, texts, and keyboarding. Indiana is making it mandatory that keyboarding will be taught starting in elementary school. One assistant superintendent in one of the townships feels that there are more important things than cursive writing to be taught. This may be true but cursive writing should still be taught.
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It is a national move to get away from cursive writing by the curriculum called the Common Core and is an effort that is being led by the governors in forty six states. Keyboarding is part of the Common Core but learning to write in cursive is not.

Yes, computers are already a part of the future, and it seems that no one writes any more. Even in doctor’s offices, they have gotten away from nurses actually writing vital signs and other important information in charts. Now when they take all this information they are typing it into your chart using a small notebook computer. Even the doctors are using the notebook computer. But if they take out the cursive writing in schools, how are the kids going to learn to sign their name. Most legal documents require you to sign, not print your name.

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