Children Under Six Years Of Age Banned From Pa Restaurant

A quiet, casual, and upscale restaurant in Monroeville, Pennsylvania will not be allowing children under the age of six years old in their restaurant starting on July 16th. The reason that they are doing this is that they have received complaints about children crying at other tables and this noise
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is disturbing to other customers. The owners say that they have nothing against children but the children’s endless screams and crying is selfish, impolite, and inconsiderate to other customers.

In a restaurant in North Carolina last year the owner posted a sign that stated that screaming children will not be tolerated and that the parents would have to take them outside, which helped to boost the restaurant’s business so that is one of the reasons that the restaurant in Pennsylvania is posting the ban. They want to increase their business.

Some of the residents in the town of Monroeville fill it is discrimination to ban them from the restaurant for having children under the age of six years old when they want to eat there as a family. They are pointing out and asking questions about what the restaurant is going to do about the loud adults at the bar. It is not illegal to ban children from restaurants.