Underwater Volcanoes Discovered Near Antarctica

Near Antarctica, beneath the frigid waters, they have discovered at least twelve volcanoes, and some of them are still active. In this particular region, this is the first discovery of volcanoes. Some of the tops of the volcanoes almost broke the surface of the water at almost ten thousand feet above the floor of the ocean.

These twelve volcanoes were discovered just south of the South Sandwich Islands, which is between South Africa and South America in the southern part of the Atlantic Ocean. As early as 2008, there was an eruption.

When the British Antarctic Survey team did their expedition for seafloor mapping, they were not looking for volcanoes but just wanted to fill in the uncharted area on their map. They were aware that there were other volcanoes in the general area but not these many huge volcanoes.

At one time they were exploring the sea floor during the middle of the night and encountered a large volcano. They were scared that the research ship might run into the volcano so they stopped the research and return when it was daylight. The peaks of the volcanoes were visible without using any three-D mapping technology.

They also discovered some very different and interesting creatures that are living near the volcanoes in the hot spring conditions.