Bad Eating Habits That can Give You Belly Fat

Everyone today is trying to eat healthy and exercise to help lose weight and tone up their body but unfortunately there are some that no matter what they try still have that little belly pudge. The reason that people may have trouble getting rid of that belly pudge is not what we eat or what we do but a combination of both or a habit we have.

Here are some habits that may cause belly pudge, and by changing these habits we may see that problems slowing disappearing.

  • Skipping meals seems to always backfire because when you skip meals you find yourself so hungry later that you overeat. When you overeat the fat just seems to slide toward your midsection. If you do not want to eat three meals a day, opt for small meals every three to four hours to fill you up with adding midsection fat.
  • Going vegetarian usually means that you are avoid foods such as fish, meats, and dairy products because they are packed with fats and calories. These foods that you are avoiding are packed with proteins which you need to help boost your metabolism to fend off that belly pudge. You can opt to add into your vegetarian diet some low calorie and low fat choices like tuna fish or cottage cheese.
  • Bread is not bad for you, especially whole grain breads and cereal but stay away from white bread. Eating oatmeal, wild rice, or whole wheat once a day will let your insulin levels rise slowly helping to reduce adding fat to your belly.

Try breaking these bad eating habits and you will soon see some of that belly pudge disappearing.