No Link Between Cell Phones and Benign Brain Tumors

A Danish study had determined that there is no link between benign brain tumors and cell phones even if you have been using a cell phone for many years. The study was done on approximately two point nine million Danish people who have been using their cell phones for eleven years or more. This particular study is one of largest studies done on this particular issue.

This type of benign tumor is called a vestibular schwannomas, which is a tumor that would happen in the part of the brain that would theoretically absorb the most energy from the cell phone’s electromagnetic field. This type of tumor is not cancerous and they do grow around brain cells that are involved in balance and hearing. These tumors can cause dizziness, loss of balance, and hearing loss. These particular tumors can become life threatening if they get so large that they start to press against any critical brain regions.

There was one previous study that did link the two but there were flaws in the study such as reporting past usage of cell phone use inaccurately. This newest study is just one of many that have been done on cell phones and potential health risks.

Although this study did not show any link between cell phone usage and benign brain tumors, the vestibular schwannomas is a slow growing tumor and could show up any time, even after eleven years so those that participate in the study should still be monitored.

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