Earthquake Disasters Rock Christchurch New Zealand

Christchurch, New Zealand’s second-largest city appears to be the disaster that the world has forgotten about. The first earthquake hit Christchurch ten months ago and one that killed one hundred eighty one people and hurt the downtown of Christchurch hit just five months ago. What makes it so bad is that they have been hit by aftershocks ever since. In fact, seven thousand five hundred earthquakes have rocked the city which is more than twenty a day.

This has left land that is not safe to rebuild on for thousands of homes resulting in some people moving onto another city. Christchurch is a city of over three hundred ninety thousand people and when the quake flattened buildings and caused the iconic spire of the Cathedral to fall got people’s attention but when the tsunami and massive earthquake hit Japan two weeks later Japan took people’s attention and Christchurch took a backseat.

There are over 4 million people in New Zealand and so far the quake has cost more than twelve billion dollars in damage, which amounts to approximately 8 percent of the yearly economic output. With these figures, Christchurch will most likely pass the disaster in Japan in cost per individual. The experts do not even know if the worse is passed yet.

The first earthquake in September had a magnitude of seven point zero but did not cause destruction that was widespread since it happened thirty miles west of Christchurch but the one that did the most damage five months later had only a magnitude of six point one but it was centered under an area that was residential. Another hit in June that was a magnitude of six point zero but no one was killed in that earthquake.